Biography of Professor Sir Abad

Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology Dr. (h.c.), Dr. Sir Luis Emilio Abad
MD, DO, MBA, PhD. (multi), Dr. h.c. (multi), FNYAM, DSc. (multi), FBQS (hon), FICP, D.Litt., FBU.



– Director and Vitreoretinal Consultant at Oftalmo Abad, Eye Clinic, Santa Cruz, Patagonia 


– Dean of Medicine and Distinguished Professor at West Coast University, Panama, Delawere and 

  Los Angeles, California, USA

– Americas Grand Provost at Crown University Int´l Chartered Inc. (Ghana, Americas and  

  associated campuses worldwide)

– Distinguished University Professor and Chair of Ophthalmology at Ballsbridge University, Roseau,  

  Dominica and Republic of Ghana

– “American Grand President Sir”, International Chartered World Learned Society

American Grand Chancellor of the Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace

– Creator of devises and systems for ophthalmic surgery and intraocular microimplant for  

  degenerative diseases of the retina – International Patents in Europe and USA

– Ambassador at UNESCO for Argentina

– Medical Doctor (MD), Cordoba National University, Córdoba, Argentina

– Ophthalmology Diploma (DO), Council Doctors of Santa Cruz, Argentina and Argentine Society 

  of Ophthalmology

– Philosophy Doctor (Ph.D.) in Genetics and Cell Biology, Bircham International University, Spain

– Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Medical Institutions, Bircham International University, 


– Doctor Honoris Causa (D.h.c.) at West Coast University, USA, for contribution to eye care, 

  research and education.

– Doctor Honoris Causa (Dr.h.c.) at Crown University International Chartered,( Americas, Ghana and partner campus world wide ) , for research   and education in ophthalmology

– Honorary Distinction “Magna Cum Laude”, (doctoral thesis), Bircham International University, Spain

– Doctor Honoris Causa (Dr.h.c.) contribution to the knowledge and to the scientific research in   

  Ophthalmology, Bircham International University, Madrid, Spain 

– Philosophy Doctor (Ph.D.) as researcher, International Philosophical Institute, India 

– Doctor of Sciences (DSc.) in Ophthalmology “ad eundem” (education and practice in Ophthalmology) 

  Ballsbridge University, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica

– Doctor of Sciences (DSc.) as Boitech researcher, Research Training & Treatment Institute, Jodhpur, 


– Doctor of Letters (D. Litt.) in Medical Research, Maha Sastra University, Sastra Angkor Institute, The 

  Kingdom of Cambodia

– Associate Fellow at New York Academy of Medicine, NY, USA

– Golden Medal of Excellence “International Health Professional of the Year -2012” (scientifics 

  research), International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England

– International Award, Marquis Who’s Who in America (scientific publications), New York, USA 

– Honorary Fellow, Institute the Chartered Professionals (optics researcher), Ireland, UK 

– Honourable Global Member Council of the Board of Quality Standards, Ireland, UK

Board of Research Advisor at Sastra Angkor University, The Kingdom of Cambodia 

– Academic Representative in Argentina and worldwide, California University FCE, California, USA

– President, International Research Group, Abad Eye Research, Ballsbridge University

– Published more than eighty articles in scientific journals

– Author of ten books of Ophthalmology


Editorial Board Member:


– Director of the Ophthalmology Department at Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, England  – 

– International Journal of Ophthalmology & Eye Care, SC, USA   

– Ophthalmology & Visual System, MI, USA            

– Annals of Medical & Surgical Case Reports (AMSCR), Melbourne, Autralia 

– World Journal of Ophthalmology & Vision Research (WJOVR), CA, USA 

– Enliven Archive – Research, Dover, USA 

– Ophthalmology Editorial, Scientific Federation, CA, USA                         

– Associate Editor in Advances in Ophthalmology & Visual System, Journal, Oklahoma, USA 

– Open Access Journal of Ophthalmology (OAJO), MI, USA 

– Emeritus Consultant and Reviewer for the Journal of Medicine ECRONICON, Escocia, UK 

– Reviewer for the American Journal of Ophthalmology, FL. USA

– Contributor to the journal of the International Ophthalmology Association, Yemen

– Collaborator in the magazine of Thea Laboratory, Seville, Spain

– Creator and Director of Journal “Retinology” for OM Laboratory, Lisbon, Portugal

– Collaborator in Ophthalmology articles, “Magazine Grow”, Lisbon, Portugal.


Research Interest:

Eye Biotechnology and Ocular Nanomedicine Stem Cells.

Biography of Professor Emeritus Sir Aremu

Most Academy Excellent World Acclaimed
Distinguished Prof. Emeritus (on merit) Sir, Bashiru Aremu
Post-Doctoral E-Business, Grand PhD, Post Doc., D.Sc., Ph.D., B.Sc., B. Tech., IBD, FIBTMN, FATIICS, MACM, MCSTA, MSTAN, Snr. MIACSIT, FIASR, C.itp, MCPN, KOJ, KOGC,KOGHL FICWLS, FCIEMA, CEMA, FBCS England, Fellow, Marquis Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in  Nigeria, FICWLS, FCIML, Fellow, Outstanding Intellectual of 21st Century, Cambridge, England ,Fellow, Europe Association for International Education, Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award Winners, USA, World Leader of the Humanities, United Kingdom, Fellow Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom  (WORLD ACCLAIMED DISTINGUISHED TEACHING AND RESEARCH PROFESSOR EMERITUS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE,  INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY)

Vice Chancellor at Crown University Intl. Chartered Inc. (Americas, Ghana, and partner campuses world-wide); Vice President for International Affairs (Vice Chairman International Affairs of Board of Trustees) at West Coast University; Vice President International Affairs (Vice Chairman International Affairs of Board of Trustees) Sastra Angkor University Kingdom of Cambodia; Deputy Director General for Africa and Research Professor at International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, UK. He also held positions as a World Grand Chancellor  at the  Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace; The World Grand President, International Chartered World Learned Society, World Grand President at Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research,World Grand President , The Chartered World Institute of Encyclopedia of Books Inc., World Distinguished Research Professor and Fellow Editorial International Advisory Board at Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom and several other institutions that have declared him as a World Distinguished Professor by various higher institutions and organizations world-wide.personal website :