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ICERE (International Centre for Eye Research and Education) offers and undertakes to develop a world-class university educational program in ophthalmology with the approval and support of two Universities: West Coast University in Panama, State of Delaware, California, USA Intl Chartered Inc. and Crown University Intl Chartered Inc. in Ghana, Américas, partner campus world-wide and USA. Young optometrists and ophthalmologists can choose between performing observerships in General Ophthalmology of fifteen days or facing two Postgraduate degrees: Master (one year) or Doctorate (two years), both in Ophthalmology, with mandatory training internships with the award-winning and Distinguished Professor Dr. h.c. Dr. Sir Luis Emilio Abad in Oftalmo Abad Eye Clinic, Río Gallegos, Patagonia Argentina.

These Programs are offered in particular to talented and ambitious ophthalmologists to get the opportunity to expand their medical and research experience necessary to develop an international career, certified by one of the two Universities mentioned above. Topics include cataract surgery, cornea, refractive surgery, glaucoma, strabismus, medical and surgical retina, among others. It is an invaluable opportunity to learn from the best in its class.

To provide the best learning experience, ICERE, under the direction of its President, the award-winning and Distinguished Professor Dr. h.c. Dr. Sir Luis Emilio Abad and the Vice President the World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor Emeritus (on merit) Sir, Bashiru Aremu, both oversee the quality of each Program.

We look forward to your presence. Request the application package today!

Yours sincerely,

President, ICERE

Distinguished University
Professor of Ophthalmology
Dr.h.c., Dr. Sir Luis E. Abad

Vice President, ICERE

World Acclaimed Distinguished
Professor Emeritus Sir Bashiru Aremu